Sprouting seeds and beans are meant to be filled with nutrients. They are also fresh, crunchy and clean tasting, providing a great platform for a wide range of different salad dressings. My plan is to introduce a small bowl of these little angels into my diet each day. This could be as a side dish or as a small salad in their own right.

While I can buy them from my local organic grocer (the wonderful Taj in Brighton), friends have assured me that sprouting your own is the only way forward as it is both cheap and easy. Having read frustrated posts from people online who have tried doing this with muslin and jam jars, I decided to treat myself to a proper kit.

Having looked on Amazon and eBay I settled on the Biosnacky 3 Tier Large Germinator & seed starter pack from ebay seller swallowhealthydiet-UK for £23.95.

So what does it look like?

Lid, 3 tiers for sprouting and a bottom layer for collecting water.

With 3 little red widgets(?) which allow the water to run through but stop the seeds clogging up the drainage tubes.

To get started you rinse the seeds thoroughly and then thinly spread them over the channels in the tray. If you are using chickpeas or mung beans these need to be socked for 12 hours first.

Place the lid over the top and leave in a light place, although not in direct sunlight:

The only job is then to water the sprouts twice a day, throwing out the water that collects at the bottom (apparently it is good for plants).

After 3 – 4 days the sprouts will then be ready for munching…