After eating so well in Glastonbury I have come back to Brighton with renewed enthusiasm to be more adventurous with my raw food preparation (or non-cooking if you like). So I started the week at work with some delicious raw food falafels with olive, tomato and pumpkin seed pate all wrapped up in cabbage leaves.

Raw food falafels al desko

Raw food falafels al desko

While I am well aware that it would be beneficial to leave the office for my lunch I still find myself at my desk (along with a reported 60% of the working population who eat at their desks every day), but at least with something bright, cheerful, tasty and extremely healthy.

As is my current ritual, this was then followed by a fruit salad freshly prepared in the kitchen at work. The chopping and slicing provides a nice break in itself and the result always makes me smile – colourful and jewel like.